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As you can see, things are really starting to take shape here! I’m currently in the process of doing a “soft launch” across the web. What that means is things are going public across social media sites and the website but I’m not actively promoting a whole bunch just yet. I like to have all my “ducks in a row” first and make sure that what I’m pushing is well put together. So I encourage all of you to please send me as much feedback as you can and offer any suggestions you might have to make the site even better! Within the next two weeks all content should be in place and I’ll be ready to really hit the ground running. In the meantime, if you can share this website and our social pages with friends and followers I would greatly appreciate it!

The goal of Steps to Self-Employment (STSE) is to build an online community that adds value to people’s lives and helps get them started on their path to self-employment and business ownership. It’s not easy, it’s not fast, but you certainly don’t have to figure things out on your own.

Take advantage of all the free resources I have put in place and if you want, answer one question for me so I can start helping you today:

What are you struggling with the most?

Please leave me a voice recording and let me know how I can help! If your question applies to a large number of our listeners or subscribers I’ll write a blog post and/or record a podcast around your question or problem!

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Note: if you listen to any of the podcast episodes I do mention iTunes and Stitcher Radio but I have not submitted the feed just yet. For now you can listen right here on the site, download to your computer or mobile device, or even connect with us on SoundCloud. 

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