Virtual Freedom – Chris Ducker

Virtual Freedomby Chris Ducker
Virtual Freedom
by Chris Ducker

Chris Ducker is legend in terms of teaching and inspiring others how to automate and outsource components of their business or the entire business itself to finally gain the freedom and flexibility to focus on what truly matters to us. This book and others like it really strike a chord for me. They often bring to light the greatest problem entrepreneurs have and have a hard time recognizing early on and that is, the misconception that to be successful we must do everything ourselves. Some think that is what being self-employed means while others perhaps went into business for themselves and think they are the only one who can do the job right. I was guilty of this for the better half of a decade and since changing my perception of getting others involved in the business I have more than doubled output as well as revenue and my own personal income.

How many “hats” can you seriously wear and still be successful running a business? In my experience I would limit your role to one, the business owner. Learn to build teams, learn to delegate, and learn to find ways to automate your business so you limit the amount of tasks you are forced to endure that take away from what matters most in your business. Of course, like anything this is easier said than done, but often we are our own worst enemies when it comes to letting go. We fight the urge to give away power. You may have also heard this multi-tasking syndrome called Superhero Syndrome.

Chris’s book truly helps open your eyes on how to start and implement this process for any business. This literally IS a step-by-step guide on how to create a business around a virtual staff. The greatest part for me is Chris shares the mindset that our goal is to continue to grow our business, not simply maintain the status quo. This book will also help you identify the types of jobs you should outsource as well as how to find and manage the right team for the job.

Jay Baer’s quote on the front cover of this book pretty much says it all for me,”Think about the most useful book you’ve ever read. It will now become the second most useful.” That is most certainly a bold claim but completely grounded in just how useful this book will be for anyone  and everyone trying to run a business as well as be their business.

Here are a few snippets from the book:

I fired myself from thinking that more of my time and energy was the solution to every problem. I fired myself from being a micromanager, which was causing a bottleneck in a lot of our day-to-day operations. I fired myself from building the business on my shoulders and instead chose to build it around a system of highly skilled local and virtual employees.

I had to stop believing I would somehow work my way to freedom or that I was only being productive if I was busy doing something.

It’s a learning process and a building process to stop struggling to do it all on your own.

Whether you start on a smaller scale with freelancers on a task-by-task basis or you get started with a team of part-time or full-time workers, one thing is for sure–you had better understand who should be doing what for you.

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