The Little Black Book of Design – by Adam Judge

The Little Black Book of Design by Adam Judge
The Little Black Book of Design
by Adam Judge

I love this book. Any designer or creative individual who deals with customers regularly would appreciate the pure simplicity of it. I think the formal description of the book says it best when they state, “contains guidance, inspiration, and reassurance for all those who labor with the user in mind.”

This is not a how to book by any means. It is a minimalist approach to writing and inspiring others and for some reason I love it. I purchased this book 4 years ago and still to do this day I look at it once a week. Other readers have shared my sentiments as well that the book brings to light some of the things I had kept to myself in my head when speaking with customers or thinking about a project. Some of those things “distorted”… its nice to pick up a book and see those exact thoughts in print.

Whether good or bad this book affirms many of the things I was feeling about design, customers, end-users, etc. It breaks down mental barriers for me. With one or two line quotes per page, throughout the entire book, you will certainly spend far longer thinking about what you read, than you do actually reading it.

Here are just a few ideas brought forth by the book that still stand out to me and are very powerful:

“If you have to explain it, you’ve failed.”

“Simplicity is advanced. Complexity is Primitive.”

“Make something they want to use.”

“Users will not tell you what you need to know. You have to watch them to discover that.”

Is this rocket science? Certainly not, but sometimes in a complex world a little refreshing break is all we need to keep going!


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