The Designer’s Guide To Marketing And Pricing – by Benun & Top

The Designer's Guide To Marketing And Pricing: How To Win Clients And What To Charge Them  by Ilise Benun  & Peleg Top
The Designer’s Guide To Marketing And Pricing: How To Win Clients And What To Charge Them
by Ilise Benun & Peleg Top

Ilise Benun and Peleg Top do a wonderful job of laying the groundwork for anyone looking to take their growing design business to the next level. I picked this book up really because I saw the words “designer” “marketing” and “pricing” in the title but honestly anyone could apply the majority of this book to their own business.

I’ve come back to it time and time again for at least the last five years and partly because I just don’t think I was ready to embrace the lessons set forth or take the time to learn about my target market like I have been the past several years.

The book is split up into useful sections for anyone looking for help establishing their own branding and finding the right target audience(s) as well as different ideologies around how to establish pricing for your business.

Most designers suck at running a business when first starting out. Its simply not the mindset a creative person easily adopts or integrates into their lifestyle. And a lot of us fight it. We struggle to keep creativity and artistic integrity above our monetary goals, but over time you learn to embrace both sides of the coin.

For me, I always knew I wanted to be “more than a freelancer.” Finding a way to bridge the gap was difficult and without a lot of peers to help guide me I had to figure a lot of it out on my own. I’ve found that most books I read either contradict or affirm the choices I’ve made for my business. This book helped shaped many of my refined thoughts about my target markets and about how to establish fair pricing for my business.

The book includes many useful exercises to help refine your core message, target markets, and much more. Make sure to write in pencil because I guarantee you will work through these interactive sections of the book more than once and probably come back to it periodically to refine your business model.

One final point, a lot of people hate the idea of writing a business plan. Why? Because its speculative and often impractical in the real world. This book, takes a very different approach and all the time and effort you spend shaping your ideas about your business and target market can create instantaneous measurable and profitable results for your business. The book focuses on establishing concrete plans and direction, not speculating on future goals. Definitely check it out. Its a great read and well worth the cost!


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