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TeamworkPMAbsolutely, hands down, the BEST project management product on the market. We have literally tried them all from Basecamp to Project Bubble, Asana, and Podio and nothing even comes close to the level of sophistication and functionality that Teamwork PM brings to the table. Seriously this blows them all away. Every one of the other solutions there was always something that was missing. The biggest problems we had to solve were:

  • Finding a project management solution that enabled us to share the project with the customer but limit access to specific items, tasks, and areas within the project.
  • Finding a project management system that allowed us to manage Projects, Tasks, Hours, Customers (CRM), Our Design and Development Teams, and communication with EVERYONE on a project from development to the client.

Teamwork PM is absolutely the only solution that did this in an easy to use interface that allows us to communicate with our employees and customers both collaboratively and independently at the same time. This online software also allows us to communicate entirely in our Project Management Cloud and eliminates email communication. That was a big issue for us as Email is so highly ineffective when it comes to tracking projects and correspondence. In Teamwork PM if we need to communicate about a particular topic we simply create a new message thread within the project (with a proper subject line) and then any discussion around that topic is stored in that conversation. While email might perform simlarly I would bet your inbox is a diluted as mine and project management in Outlook or Gmail seems highly ineffective. We are also able to attach external files, and additional resources directly to the project or task so we can simply click the project then the “files” tab and we can access all important documentation right there.

Here is a short video pointing out some of the key features and benefits of Teamwork’s Project Management

The video does not do Teamwork justice in my opinion but it’s a start! A very important feature that is brushed over and one that we love is the fact we are able to control permissions and access on the project level. What this means is if on Project A we want to give customers access to everything, Project B only give them access to particular features, and Project C we want to disable task creation, or limit all communication to the Project Manager online portal and disable the reply by email feature… we can do these types of things PER project! Its absolutely wonderful for us because we have so many unique partnerships and access levels we need to include on a project. For example, on a website project we might want to give our customer limited access to messages only, allow our web developers access to specific tasks but still give them access to see customer feedback without the ability to respond, and then other strategic partners we can allow them full access to all conversations between both developers and customers but not give them the ability to join the discussion. Very powerful as our network of employees, contractors, partners, and customers continues to grow and expand.


I would probably agree with Teamwork that Basecamp is their biggest rival. Many die-hard Basecamp users claim there is nothing better but I’m convinced they just never tried Teamwork. Having tried at least 5 different project management systems for my business as well as using at least another 10 between our vendors and contractors, I know a thing or two about Project Management software! If you are interested in exactly how Teamwork is a better fit for your business take a look at this comparison.

Still not convinced? Here, check out the competition and compare the list of features. Nothing comes close.

One final note, another product we love and use as a cornerstone of our business is FreshBooks Cloud Accounting. We use FreshBooks to handle all our invoicing, billing, payment collection, etc. Within their account portal in the Time Tracking section there is a “projects” section. If you are looking for an “all in one” solution that will allow you to bill, time track, manage projects, time etc check out FreshBooks Here. For us, their project system is far too simplified for it to work so we needed to find a robust application like Teamwork PM. It is also worth mentioning Freshbooks now integrates directly into Teamwork PM so you can track billable time in Teamwork PM then create an invoice and export it directly to FreshBooks. This can be very powerful if you do hourly billing and prefer to automate the invoicing process a bit more. So that’s just one more way Teamwork PM can make your life easier. Give it a try! If you have any questions at all please let me know. We have over 100 active customers and 30 to 40 projects running in Teamwork PM at any given time so I am very knowledgeable about its capabilities.


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