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Bluehost Web Hosting

I’ve spent a lot of my time working with many different hosting companies. As many of you know I own and operate a Full Service Design and Marketing Firm (www.vinci-designs.com) and one of our core services is hosting. We host well over 200 websites. I started the business over ten years ago and during the past decade I’ve had many “ups” and many “downs” when it comes to hosting. It seems finding a good vendor …

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Rackspace Cloud Hosting

I found Rackspace approximately 4 years ago. After dealing with some lack luster hosting companies who had extremely poor customer service and intermittent hosting services which seemed to be crashing left and right, I had to find a reliable hosting partner. I remember at the time thinking to myself, “can’t I just go one week without a customer calling me to complain about their website not working?” Ironically at the time Rackspace was double or triple what …

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