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Let Go – Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the definition of a self-made success. There is no one else in the world he should attribute his success to other than himself and it all comes down to action. Pat, after being let go from his job at an architectural firm took that experience and turned it into a money making online business which blossomed into a blogging and pod casting career no one would have predicted would have been possible. Let Go …

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Podcast Launch: How to Podcast; a complete guide – by John Lee Dumas

I’m more of a traditional guy when it comes to book formats so you won’t see me recommending too many eBooks on the website. However there are a few that are of great value and extremely useful resources to have at your fingertips and this book is certainly one of them. Being an audiophile (person very enthusiastic about high-quality sound, recording, etc) I was already very interested in putting together an extremely polished podcast production. …

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