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Ryan Coté of WPamplify
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I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My grandfather’s brother started our direct mail marketing family business, The Ballantine Corporation, in 1966. Since that time, my grandfather, father, uncle and brother have joined in to help grow the company. I jumped on board in 2003 as Director of Marketing.

I also have two other main ventures that I’m in the process of growing. The first is an SEO service I started geared specifically towards small businesses using WordPress. The company is called WPamplify and we also help our clients with lead generation and WordPress support.

I also run a blog that chronicles my internet business projects and provides advice around topics I know well. The blog is called Internet Business Passion and I’m also using it to network with other online marketers and internet entrepreneurs.

I’m looking to connect with and help as many people as I can so please reach out to me and say hello!

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