Resources & Tools

Here you will find a large number of resources and recommendations for products and services I’ve found or used over the years that have helped me grow, run, or build my business and even those that have  helped shape my own personal entrepreneurial ideology. Every single item I review or recommend I have purchased and used for my own business needs. I will never recommend anything without trying it, reading it, or researching it thoroughly first!

I also wanted to just mention that yes, some of these links are affiliate links so you can click to purchase these items directly from these pages (and I’ll get a small commission for no added cost to you) or you can go out and find them yourself. Either way I endorse these resources, tools, products, and services because they worked for me and deliver the goods, where many other things I’ve tried fell short!

If you have any other suggestions for me to check out and share with others, please contact me.