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Pretty Link is one of the best plug-ins you could ever purchase for your website if you do a lot of promotions, marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and external linking to other websites. At it’s core, the purpose of the product is, it allows you to mask any URL of any link both internal to your website or external on another site, with a unique link that you create specific for that page. Sounds confusing right? Not really!

Here’s an easy example of how Pretty Link allows me to simplify URLs I need to promote. Let’s look at an external URL from Google Maps for Example. Say I want to link to the map for Mount Rushmore National Memorial. The link Google Provides is ridiculously huge:
. Or I can create a simple link using Pretty Link and shorten it to If you clicked on either of those links you’ll see they send you to the very same place.

Often in print advertisements you will see “PURLS” or “Personalized URLs” which are created exactly for this purpose. You can send people to an easy link instead of a long ridiculous tracking link for promotions etc.

Some of the most powerful features of Pretty Link are:

  • Track each link individually in Google Analytics and WordPress to see clicks and engagement with each link.
  • Categorize and Organize your links in WordPress to better manage them
  • Create unlimited number of personalized links to pages on your website and other websites.
  • Simple and advanced linking types such as 307, 301, Pretty Bar, Cloaked, Pixel, Meta Refresh, and JavaScript redirects.
  • Automate short link creation for all new pages and posts (great for news websites)
  • Social Integration

So there are a lot of URL shortening service providers out there. Why buy Pretty Link? The simplest answer I can give you is that you have total control over the links you create. Unlike TinyURL or other URL shorteners that create a non-recognizable URLs, Pretty link creates branded links that build confidence in your audience. For example when I see a link that says versus a shortened version that might look like I’m obviously more drawn to the CNN branded link as that looks safe a legitimate. The other way using a 3rd party URL shortener I really have no idea whats behind that link… could be spam, a virus, or be sending me to any where other than my expected destination.

Another very powerful reason to use Pretty Link would be the simple fact that it is integrated directly into your WordPress website. It is a plug-in so all you need to do is install it and bam! You have a nice Custom URL machine installed into your WordPress Dashboard. There are two versions of the plugin, a Free version and a Paid version. And the paid version has the option of a single or developer license. The developer license allows you to purchase once and install it on as many websites as you choose. The single license is only for one website.

If you are interested in comparing the Lite version to the Pro version see below and this will give you a very good overview of all the awesome features they provide:

Feature Pretty Link Lite Pretty Link Pro
Redirection Types
Temporary (302/307) Redirection X X
Permanent (301) Redirection X X
Cloaked Redirection X
Pretty Bar Redirection X
Javascript Redirection X
Meta Refresh Redirection X
Tracking Pixel Redirection X
Custom Link Slugs X X
Automatic Link Titling X X
Link Groups X X
Create Nofollow Links X X
Forward Parameters X X
Simple Click Counting X X
Detailed Click Reporting X X
Export Click Database X X
Robot Filtering X X
Pretty Link Bookmarklet X X
Customizable Pretty Link Bookmarklet X
Alternate Base URL X
Conversion Reports X
Delayed Redirection X
Google Analytics Tracking X
Double Redirection X
Automatically Generate QR Codes X
Keyword Replacement X
URL Replacement X
Automatically Create Links for Pages & Posts X
URL Replacement X
URL Rotations X
Import Links X
Export Links X
Split Testing X
Auto Tweet Pretty Links for Pages and Posts X
Tweet Badge for Pages and Posts X
Social Sharing Button Bar for Pages and Posts X
Twitter Comments for Pages and Posts X
Public Link Creation X

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