Podcast Launch: How to Podcast; a complete guide – by John Lee Dumas

Podcast Launch: How to Podcast
by John Lee Dumas

I’m more of a traditional guy when it comes to book formats so you won’t see me recommending too many eBooks on the website. However there are a few that are of great value and extremely useful resources to have at your fingertips and this book is certainly one of them.

Being an audiophile (person very enthusiastic about high-quality sound, recording, etc) I was already very interested in putting together an extremely polished podcast production. However, podcasting can be far more complex than you might think given its simplicity of one mic, one voice (usually) and minimal production. In its’ simplicity lies its complexity and the truly great podcasts are all very well produced from the ground up.

John Lee Dumas, founder of Entrepreneur on Fire (www.eofire.com) has put together a great guide that is a very fast but and extremely informative read. If you don’t know who John Lee Dumas is, you should learn! He turned an idea into a six-figure per month reality in just one year, starting a daily interview-based podcast where he speaks with the majority of the most successful entrepreneurs across the globe learning how they got their start, challenges they faced along the way, as well as many other lessons learned and shared with his audience.

John has by far and away been one of my top 5 influences when thinking about starting Steps to Self-Employment and the podcast. His eBook was the first podcasting book I purchased and I still glance back through it at least once per month.

As an added bonus John has also added 15 videos to watch that go along with the book. The value here is huge and totally worth it!


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