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Michele Christensen - Speaker & Strategist
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Michele Christensen is a speaker, strategist and champion for solopreneurs. Her mission is to help people use their talents and skills to help others in a simple, agile, one-person business. She writes regularly about solopreneur businesses on her own blog, guest blogs for other blog owners and is the author of the book “Is a Solopreneur Business Right for You?” and the business-building system “The ABC’s of a Successful Solopreneur Business.”

Michele began her career by completing both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in business, and spent a few years in big corporations. Realizing she didn’t like that environment, she took some time off to travel and settled in Los Angeles. After starting her own management consulting practice and later spending a few years in a non-profit, she went back into business for herself in 2009. She works with many types of solopreneurs including artists, coaches, writers, speakers, performers, and service professionals. Her business is focused on helping solo business owners to use strategic thinking to build and grow their business into an entity that they love working in.

Michele lives near the beach and walks her two rescue dogs there almost daily. She and her husband work on their fixer upper house, enjoy outdoor activities and attend many of the wide variety of events found in Los Angeles. She travels to her hometown of Philadelphia at least twice a year to visit her family and friends.

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