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Melondy Waldrup Neal has a very diverse background. She is an educator, a counselor, a writer, a poet, a published author and entrepreneur. After relocating to Pensacola, FL from Lewisville Arkansas during the early 90’s, she instantly because an active member in the community, serving as a Board member for Pace Center for Girl. She was a member of Escambia County Gang Task Force and Co-founded the Truman Arms Youth Drill Team. In addition to providing training for incoming Airmen as a Social Action Specialist in the United States Air Force Reserves. She currently serves as the Crisis Communication Director for Myles & Myles Global Corp. In 2013 she received a Congressional Award for her outstanding dedication to assisting Persons with Disabilities find quality employment.

In 2001 after accomplishing her dream of publishing her first book Vanilla Syrup: The Flavors of Life. Because of her desire to help other independent authors reach their goal of being published, Level 7 Publishing was founded. Melondy says “Our goal from the very beginning was to help people tell their stories. This is way we print our mission statement on the back of every book.”

“The mission of Level 7 publishing is to become for literary artists, what Motown, in the 60’s, was for recording artists, a company that is willing to take a risk on today’s unknown artist believing they are tomorrow’s discovered legends.” Yes, we publish book, but more importantly we make dreams come true.

Melondy latest book: The Bamboo Effect; Unleash your Potential for “Seemingly” Overnight Growth was released in 2013. She also successfully launched Level Seven Consultants and began hosting Mastermind group for individuals and local business owners. Her ability to inspire others has earned her the nickname “The One Session Lady” as clients testify that after only one consulting session she skillfully helps them lay the foundation and provides them with the tools and motivation to begin the change process.

Melody received her bachelors of science degree in Psychology from Southern Arkansas University. She is currently completing a Master’s degree in Strategic Communications from Troy University. Melondy’s books can be purchased at:

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