Let Go – Pat Flynn

Let Go
by Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the definition of a self-made success. There is no one else in the world he should attribute his success to other than himself and it all comes down to action. Pat, after being let go from his job at an architectural firm took that experience and turned it into a money making online business which blossomed into a blogging and pod casting career no one would have predicted would have been possible. Let Go is Pat’s memoir of this journey from losing his job in 2008 to embracing the unknown and forging ahead into his new career.

Pat is by far and away is one of my personal idols in terms of online marketing, blogging, and pod casting. Everything he produces is of the highest value. He knows that is what his audience expects and therefore always delivers. This is not a long book by any means (currently available in Kindle or Snippet format) but the amount of inspiration and transparency he manages to pack into these pages is astounding. I connect on Pat on so many levels because I left a prestigious job to start my own business as well as to tour the country with a touring rock band. I had everything going for me but still it wasn’t what I wanted or saw for my future. I embraced my own fear and did what most people are too afraid to do. While Pat’s decision was not by choice he embraced it fully and managed to find something he truly loves and has a gift for.

Included with the book, Pat also includes video cut scenes that support the content throughout the book. This truly adds to the value and we get to see so much more of what Pat experienced and its great that he opens up to us on camera as well as in the pages of the book. Truly a great read. Pat is an enormous influence in my personal growth as an online entrepreneur so I highly encourage you to check out the book.

Here are a few snippets from the book:

Personal growth is hard. It’s hard because taking risks is uncomfortable. Such discomfort takes many devious forms: the fear of the unknown, the threat of ridicule, the possibility of disappointment. The thing is, we manufacture this stress ourselves.

To unshackle ourselves from the limitations we allow ourselves to fall victim to, we must embrace a risky idea: letting go.

Like the adult elephant that was raised tied to a small stake and short chain, many of us fail to realize our full potential because we don’t let go of outdated beliefs and false realities. For the elephant, the reality is that he can easily break free of the stake and chain. Freedom is within his power. But sadly, he’s been conditioned to believe otherwise. At infancy, he was secured to a small stake and chain that, at the time, could restrain him. Despite his natural instincts to break free and pursue his own path, he couldn’t. After consistent exposure to this agony, he learned to accept the limitations as a permanent truth. Unfortunately, as he grew into a mighty adult, he never challenged what he had learned out of the belief that the effort would be futile, even painful.

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