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banner300x250BIn the age where SEO and the search engine results can make or break your website, there is one thing that holds true. And that is, Content is King.

So ask yourself the following about your website or marketing materials:

  • Are people be intrigued to read and learn more?
  • Based on your marketing material message or content, would anyone consider your product worth their while compared to the competition?
  • Do the search engines deem your page worthy of higher ranking that other similar pages or websites?

If you said no to any of these, then you’ve got work to do!

The thought of writing content will send some people running for the hills. But, I love it! As if you cannot already tell by this website! I enjoy writing and sharing my ideas and feelings with others as I know there is always someone who can benefit from what I share. However, some people simply do not like to write, do not know what to say, or are just not that good at it.

I find that most people have difficulty writing about their business, products, and/or services because they are too close to it. If they can write well it’s often still way over the layman’s head, or it’s so stiff and unappealing that the intended audience never takes much interest to the content at all. Sometimes its best to hire an outside writer to handle content creation. They have an unbiased view and can often bring to light strengths in your products and services you never even realized were there!

My recommended content creation tool is iWriter (http://www.iwriter.com). I’ve used them numerous times to help with content creation for customers and it is very affordable. Like anything you pay for what you get. iWriter allows you to control your budget per article so, for example, if you want top tier writing you can expect to pay considerably more than if you just need a ton of content fast. For example I recently needed a top-tier article written for a customer that was no less than 1000 words. Through iWriter even for their  top tier writers it only cost me $25 and that included a tip for the writer as well!

When requesting new content to be written through iWriter’s website they allow you to choose from Basic, Premium, and Elite writers. If for example you need 1000 words written you’d be looking at around $7.50, $10.50, or $18.50 minimum, respectively.

To think what it would cost you in time and frustration if you were to have to write the content yourself probably adds up to way more than a mere $20 right?

I tell my customers all the time, “Focus on what you do best, and let us worry about everything else.” This is one of those things. Even if you know your business better than anyone, you can still outsource the writing to someone else. Using iWriter’s “get content” section I will simply put an outline together of exactly what I’m looking for, including the key points the article must cover (if any) and as much detail as I can think of about the subject matter. Since I care deeply about the quality of content I never choose any thing lower than iWriter’s Elite Group of Writers to handle my customers needs. Also, once you get familiar with their website and interface you can request certain writers to produce all your content which is a great way to keep your content consistent from article to article.

Some other really awesome features of iWriter are:

  • Get Old Articles Rewritten. For less than the cost of a new article iWriter will rewrite old content. This can help freshen up content or after reading something so many times you start think about ways it could be much improved. Well here’s your chance.
  • Hire a Ghost Writer. Been looking to write an eBook or Kindle Book but just can’t seem to find the time to get it started? iWriter can do help you with this for a very affordable price. For example a 100 page eBook would only cost $750-$1000 to have written. A book of that size could easily be resold for $10-$20 which means in no time you could have a steady stream of perpetual income at your fingertips. And it took you no time of your own to get it done and a very small budget!

There are a ton of sites out there that will help create content for your website. iWriter was one site recommended to me by my SEO expert and therefore I felt very comfortable working with them. One piece of advice, take the time to be as descriptive as you can when submitting a request for content. If you are not specific do not expect the end result to be a homerun for you. Create a simple outline and make sure to include as many keywords as you can that pertain to the article. Also, I would be cautious of using the “Basic” writers. Often you will find there are grammatical and spelling errors or passages that seem off putting or unrelated to the topic. I recommend sticking with the Premium and Elite writers. As mentioned earlier I will always pay for Elite as the content produced is absolutely pristine more times than not. I have rarely had to modify it at all.

If you have any questions about using this service, leave me a voice recording by clicking the tab on the right side of the screen, or Contact Me.


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