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Infusionsoft is the Industry leader in Automating your sales and marketing process. I started using Infusionsoft for my marketing firm in 2013 and instantly fell in love with the system. However, people often joke around and also call it “Confusionsoft” because of its complexity. I must agree it is not simple to use but included in the purchase of the software is one-on-one training with an Infusionsoft expert who will learn about your needs and goals for your automated marketing and then help train you how to utilize Infusionsoft to make that happen.

I will also mention Infusionsoft is not cheap so if you are looking for Walmart-like pricing you had better go elsewhere. Infusionsoft is for customers ready to get serious about their marketing! I know Infusionsoft customers who got their installation for around $999 and others who paid over $2000. It all depends on your needs but the product is well worth it if you are ready to put it to good use. Make sure to ask a lot of questions and make sure you are only purchasing the bundle that suits you best. For example, the majority of products we sell are not point, click, and purchase type of items like a retail store would offer. Therefore, our sales process is very different and we did not need to opt-in for the e-commerce package. Beyond the initial application installation fee mentioned above there is also a monthly charge which varies as well depending upon which version you are using. It typically ranges from around $199 and up depending on your needs. I’ve seen it for less but cannot say I’ve seen them offer that with any kind of regularity. So expect to pay at least $199.

Here’s an example how I first started using Infusionsoft. When I first started with the software I actually was in the process of absorbing another web design and hosting firm. I had about 40 customers to welcome and notify of the change in service provider. Therefore this was a perfect opportunity to utilize Infusionsoft to set up an automated campaign. So how this worked for this particular campaign was:

  1. First, I created a welcome email that was sent to all customers. In the email message I included a customer intake link and button for them to click which took them to a special page we set up on the website. The point here was first to collect their latest contact information as well as a list of all services which they were using from the prior service provider. Second, we were introducing ourselves, telling them all about us, and giving them the opportunity to schedule an appointment to speak with us over the phone about their needs. Pretty powerful page huh? I thought so!
  2. If the customer opened and read the email but didnt click the button or link they were sent down automated “Path A.” If they opened and read the email and clicked the link or button then they completed the goal of the campaign and we know they reached the destination page.
  3. The customers who neglected to click anything were sent 3 more reminder welcome emails that introduced us once again and urged them to visit the page and provide their account information. This enabled us to push them towards action without forcing them to do it right away or make it seem too pushy.

In the end the greater majority if not all of them read the email or clicked through to our website and provided the information requested. This made our acquisition of the customers very painless when it could have been a nightmare sending an email to each one then conversing back and forth with each one too.

So in this one small example, some of the things Infusionsoft allowed us to do was:

  • Add all new customer information into Infusionsoft’s CRM including contact info, business info, customer notes etc. We were able to import a spreadsheet and bulk add all the customers at once.
  • Create an email marketing campaign and design it right in Infusionsoft email builder.
  • Create an automated marketing campaign sending out a series of automated emails that were triggered by the customers actions and also by a timing sequence (i.e. 36 hours after opening email A, send email b, etc)
  • View stats for the campaign right in our dashboard seeing who viewed, who clicked, and which emails bounced, if any.
  • Automatically add tags of “active customer” to those who opened and clicked the email link. That way we knew which customers were active and ready to interact with our firm.

This is one very small example of what Infusionsoft can do for your business and marketing needs. We have also used their service to put customers into an automated email campaign after signing up for a mailing list, or new product etc.

So whats so great about Automated Marketing?

Here’s a quick overview of the Campaign Builder tool to show you how powerful this could be for your business

While some might think it dehumanizes the marketing process it can in fact add tremendous value to your business as well as the end-user’s inbox. For example, when a customer signs up for a particular product or service you know there are particular steps involved with using or implementing that product or service. Instead of leaving the customer high and dry after purchase or waiting for them to come to you instead, they can be put into an automated campaign that will send a series of useful emails.

For example, if you are selling an online productivity tool, perhaps something that allows customers to view your appointment calendar and then schedule an appointment. (We use a service called TimeTrade to do this and love it!) Someone first starting out might be unsure how to use the product or how to customize it to their needs. So perhaps your automated campaign teaches them the basics, then shows them some advanced tricks and tips. You can also share case studies, product updates or enhancement news etc. And you can periodically send out emails just touching base, asking them if they have any questions or have feedback about the product.

The possibilities are limitless but it keeps you “top of mind” with your customers and helps them make use of whatever it is you just sold them. It’s far less expensive to keep existing customers than it is to sign new customers. Therefore, you should always do your best to cultivate those relationships and continually add value to the product or service you provide.

Customize Your CRM

Other than marketing and sales automation the other extremely powerful tool within Infusionsoft is their CRM which stores all customer data, contact information etc. Like other CRM’s you can store a great deal of company and individual contact info for each customer you work with. However you can also apply TAGS to customers. This is used for a process known as segmenting. What this means is, you can take one list of customers and create any number of segments within that list by tagging customers with specific keywords. For example, within Infusionsoft for my marketing and design firm I have several categories of tags. One of which is Web Services and within that category there are about 15 different tags that apply to those customers  such as Website Hosting, WordPress Customer, E-Commerce Website, Mobile Website, etc. I can label each customer with any number of tags and this allows me to control what marketing messages they see.

For example, if I want to sell Responsive Web Design to my website customers who do not have a responsive website, I can easily do this in the campaign builder. I simply tell Infusionsoft to only send the message to customers who have the “Website Services” tag (so I know they are a website customer) but exclude customers who have a responsive website. This allows me to market directly to my customers who would be most interested in this service.

Without this type of segmentation customers simply get turned off and annoyed by these types of emails. If your customer already has the service, they would say things like “why are you sending me marketing emails? I already have that service.” You might even shoot yourself in the foot if for example you offer a lower price or promotional offer that is less than they paid, they could be very bothered! So segmenting your list through tags is extremely valuable and you simply have to take the time and apply as many tags as possible to every single customer!


Infusionsoft is not simple to use and will require training and assistance from their staff. I took the time and went through the one-on-one training and also watched a lot of the videos they provide in their resources section. I also called into customer support and chatted online with their support team. Between the videos, training, and support help I am now capable of building  just about any campaign myself.  The training is typically included when purchasing your application. Also, if you have products that do not change too often and prefer to not deal with marketing this stuff yourself, hire an Infusionsoft expert to set up the campaigns for you. They have people on staff who can do this but its certainly not cheap and there are also plenty of freelancers who are experienced with the application as well.

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