STSE 001: Introduction to The Self-Employment Podcast

Episode 01 Summary

The Steps to Self-Employment podcast is for anyone thinking about starting their own business. Knowing where to start is usually the biggest problem. Starting a business or making any idea a reality is not easy. You have to realize there are limits to what we can accomplish on our own so its important to reach out and ask for help.

Gerald talks about his ideology about being a big believer in formal education. He also shared insight into his music career and how he toured all over the country running his business from a laptop wherever and whenever he could. His paternal instinct came calling and the time was right to put music aside and focus solely on his business and family. Since refocusing his efforts Gerald has seen more profitability and income in the past 3 years than he did in the previous ten years combined. He speaks about empowering people and giving them the knowledge they need to help become better business owners, or managers. He talks about his core beliefs of honesty and transparency and why those are so vital to success.

Gerald takes a few moments to talk about some of the benefits of running a virtual agency and why he chose to keep his business flexible. Virtual agencies have their pitfalls though and he talks about how challenging managing a virtual team can be. In addition he talks about planning being such an integral part to your businesses success. Gerald wraps up the podcast by giving some useful, general tips for running a business in today’s changing marketplace. He touches on diversification and consistency with marketing to help create steady reliable income streams.

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