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As founder of The Success Educator, I believe in taking an active stand for true human potential, and have studied personal development/positive thinking, leadership, personal responsibility and brain functionality since 1984….

I have been a successful entrepreneur and international trainer, since 1986 and have spent my career helping individuals discover their limitations and overcome them, which has been extremely rewarding. We offer a Multi-Award winning, accredited Entrepreneurial Leadership curriculum. The curriculum has been awarded a Learning 100 Award and was recognized with a media award for Top Educational Program out of over 13,000 entries. The curriculum is also offered as a corporate training solution to improve culture, create a continuous improvement environment, develop an engaged workforce, and develop leadership within organizations. I believe part of success is teaching what we have learned to assist others to succeed. I have a personal passion for education reform, to put this knowledge into the hands of students that are stuck in the “underemployment” of today’s changed economy. Such a high percentage of young people cannot find work despite their degree and massive student debts….the missing link is to teach them to take control in their lives to combine their strengths, passions, degrees, and all the available options in technology to build their own businesses as self-reliant entrepreneurs. One of the greatest gifts we can give people is to teach them to be self-reliant….I am happy to play a role in that teaching…

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