Online Productivity Tools

These useful tools are absolutely vital to my business! I’ve compiled this list based on things I use everyday for both Steps to Self-Employment and Vinci Designs LLC (my marketing and web design firm). Over 12 years of business ownership I have learned a lot about picking the right services and products. Feel free to message me with any further questions or if you want me to try a new product and write a review.

Infusionsoft – Advanced CRM & Automation of Sales & Marketing

Infusionsoft is the Industry leader in Automating your sales and marketing process. I started using Infusionsoft for my marketing firm in 2013 and instantly fell in love with the system. However, people often joke around and also call it “Confusionsoft” because of its complexity. I must agree it is not simple to use but included in the purchase of the software is one-on-one training with an Infusionsoft expert who will learn about your needs and …

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iWriter – Get Professional Content at Affordable Rates

In the age where SEO and the search engine results can make or break your website, there is one thing that holds true. And that is, Content is King. So ask yourself the following about your website or marketing materials: Are people be intrigued to read and learn more? Based on your marketing material message or content, would anyone consider your product worth their while compared to the competition? Do the search engines deem your page worthy of higher ranking that other …

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TimeTrade – Take the Hassle Out of Scheduling Phone Appointments

Let’s face it the majority of tasks we are forced to do on any given day are counter productive to our main priorities. Most of us spend far too much time in Email and in unnecessary back and forth communication to solve simple tasks. Have you ever tried to schedule a meeting with someone and literally spend a few days and about 20 emails back and forth in the process? The time it took to set …

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Freshbooks Cloud Accounting, Billing, & Payment Collection

I absolutely love Freshbooks! I’ve been a dedicated customer since 2009 and have been extremely pleased with this service from day one. They say it best on their website, “Accounting Made for You, the Non Accountant.” Do you hate Quickbooks and Quicken as much as I do? If so check it out. FreshBooks is everything you need in one powerful web-based portal. We use FreshBooks for all of the following: Expense Tracking Invoicing & Billing (both one-time …

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Teamwork Project Manager – Everything You Could Ever Need to Manage!

Absolutely, hands down, the BEST project management product on the market. We have literally tried them all from Basecamp to Project Bubble, Asana, and Podio and nothing even comes close to the level of sophistication and functionality that Teamwork PM brings to the table. Seriously this blows them all away. Every one of the other solutions there was always something that was missing. The biggest problems we had to solve were: Finding a project management solution …

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