About Steps to Self-Employment

Creator of Steps to Self Employment & Owner of Vinci Designs LLC

Hi, my name is Gerald D. Vinci and I am the creator of Steps to Self-Employment (STSE). I created this resource after I started working on a book written to help people make a better and more prepared leap into self-employment. A little bell went off in my head and I realized that creating an online community and getting other writers and a lot of visitors onto one huge community site would be far more beneficial to everyone. I like the “it takes a village to raise a child” concept and I think the same could be said for any business.

Why do it alone if you don’t have to?

Writing a book to serve this purpose seems so futile now by comparison.

So, STSE was born to serve as an online resource created for anyone thinking about starting a business and taking the leap into self-employment. I went through this journey over a decade ago and was all alone. It was scary and many of the detours and challenges I faced along the way, probably could have been avoided if I had realized how easy it could have been to reach out and ask for guidance and help from others who had already been through what I was about to endure.

Now more than a decade after starting my journey I can honestly say, I’ve been through it all and seen things go from great, to bad, to worse, and back around again several times over. I would never coin myself as an expert in self-employment by any means (in fact I don’t think “expert” should ever be a self-applied title), but I will say, I am honest, upfront, and will always share stories of what worked for me and what didn’t… and most importantly why. I feel the “reason” without the “why” is pointless information. I can also say that I have found a lot of methods and theories both in practice and event that I’ve thought about conceptually that do work and can be applied to just about any business model with a great deal of success.

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So, if you are like millions of other potential self-employed individuals and business owners out there who have no idea how to get started, or maybe you do know how but need some help, guidance, motivation, or suggestions on how to move forward, look no further!

Steps to Self-Employment has several awesome features available to you and the best part is, it is Free!

  •  Articles written weekly by a panel of expert small business owners, self-employed individuals, and entrepreuers
  •  A weekly email newsletter full of actionable and valuable tips as well as upcoming articles and podcast updates
  •  A bi-weekly podcast where I interview business professionals giving you great insight, advice, and ideas to put into your own business
  •  An extensive resources section which will continually be updated with new productivity tools, books, products, and any other things we come across that can help you improve or start your business
  •  Connect with me or our writers on the site anytime to get answers to your start-up or self-employment questions

We will also include VIP services in the near future for paying members that will include one-on-one coaching, webinars, video tutorials, and much more.

About The Steps to Self Employment Podcast

In 2013 a study was released that showed less than 7% of all workers were self-employed. That number has been steadily declining from around 25% in the 1950’s to where we stand today.

However, well over 60% of workers in their 20’s and 50% of workers in their 30s and 40s either want to start a business or see self-employment as the key to success in today’s ever-changing job market. In fact over 90% of all job growth in the US over the last decade has been due to the increase in self-employed business owners.

So with all this hope, aspiration, and such a large percentage of the work force believing in self-employment, why have so few taken the next step?

8 out of 10 new businesses fail in 18 months or less, and more often than not, it’s due to lack of planning, stamina, and clarity of vision.

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So join Gerald D. Vinci from the Steps to Self-Employment Blog who presents a myriad of topics related to starting a business, transitioning into self-employment, cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, and motivational tricks, tips, and methods to keep you focused on making progress towards your self-employment goals through this bi-weekly podcast.

Discover ways to put your plans into action or learn new concepts and ideas about what is possible in today’s ever-changing marketplace. And, most important, overcome your fear of taking the first step.

Having run his own successful marketing firm for over a decade, Gerald, uses his vast knowledge of online marketing and design expertise, as well as candid, thought provoking interviews with other self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs to help you better understand what it takes to be successful and most of all… just get started.