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Alen Paule Silverstein - President & Founder of Talentrackr
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Alen Paule is currently an active President & Founder of Talentrackr,, a recuitment automation technology solution based in India & New York City. Additionally, Mr. Silverstein consults with new entrepreneurial ventures to structure operations as well as develop significant new revenue opportunities.

Mr. Silverstein has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 25 years founding companies focused on new technology and developing trends in the global marketplace. He has successfully led a company from inception to Nasdaq in three years and is recognized as one of the pioneers of the $10 billion prepaid communications industry.

Alen Paule has been a keynote speaker at industry conferences throughout the world on a multitude of subjects including entrepreneurship, software, financial transaction monitoring, licensing, and telecommunications. Additionally, he has been featured on television, radio and interviewed for national publications including the Wall Street Journal, Newsday, Inc. and Success Magazines. While living and working in India for the past four years, he has built an extensive network of Indian companies providing economical software technology development globally.

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